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Edible Gardens and Tree Care

Feeding the Community. Supporting Natural Systems.


Nick is excited to help you start your next edible garden project! He can design and plant your next edible garden. Nick works with the land to create the most sustainable and symbiotic garden that will yield nutrient dense organic produce all year long. He also provides tree services at excellent rates. His understanding of the natural world allows him to be very in touch with the plants and trees around him and his tree service represents true natural artistry. 


Nick is passionate about helping the community increase our food security. He believes growing local organic produce will not only feed our people but will create a new mindset for our world. We won't need to rely on other nations to fly in all of our produce but can begin to source locally and work with the beautiful land under our feet. Gardening brings us all closer to nature and more in touch with our natural ecosystem. Edible gardening is the way of the future and Nick believes we can be at the forefront of this movement. 


Aloha kākou! O Nick Schaffer ko'u inoa. I grew up on the Big Island of Hawai'i on my family's organic farm and nursery, Schaffer Family Farm. Working with plants was never a chore, it has always been a gift to get outside and get my hands dirty. I grew up learning about the local plants, focusing on natives and edibles. I went on to study horticulture and sustainable agriculture at University of Hawaii and Uppsala University in Sweden. My passion for all things green continued to blossom as I learned everything from organic chemistry to plant and microbe interactions.


After graduating with a degree in Horticulture; I joined an amazing landscaping team at Exteriorscapes in Seattle, WA working with design, installations and maintenance where I was known as "the plant guy". I served as the manager for an organic farm startup on the small island of Lana'i for billionaire Larry Ellison. I currently manage my families organic forest farm and nursery on the fertile slopes of Mauna Loa on the Big Island. After being in Hawai'i all my life I grew interested in discovering a new landscape and moved to Colorado in 2014. I feel in love with the mountains and with Sonya, the girl of my dreams. We have made a home in Basalt.


I spent my summers returning to the Big Island to work on my family's farm and work as an arborist for Long Limbs Tree Service honing my skills as a climber and working on small to large scale jobs across the island. Recently, I graduated with a Masters of Education in Curriculum Development so I can continue to share my love of plants and natural systems with a new generation of learners. My program focused on educating outside the classroom through connecting with the land and culture by honoring our roots. Grow Green Now LLC was born from the urgency to educate local community members and visitors about natural systems awareness, tree care, and food security for your family and fellow global citizens. I am excited to be spending the summer in the Roaring Fork Valley and contributing to the community. I am passionate about the health of our trees and helping to create local, sustainable food systems. I strive to create spaces for people to get their hands dirty while learning about where our food comes from. Let me teach you about the magic of plants because nothing tastes better than eating farm to table produce under the shade of a magnificent tree.


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